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There is an ASSHOLE among us .. here on the flat earth. This asshole tried to get close to Math Powerland last year around the time Math was suing Dubay the JEWBASHER for plagiarism. This flat earth ASSHOLE... GOON is so dense .. he actually thought he could outsmart Math Powerland. Jake the fake is proving to be the DUMBEST goon of them all, dumber than Sargent, Dumber than Dubay and dumber than IPS.

They are all pretty dumb, but Jake the fake.. takes the cake! lmao. Jake had actually started showing his doubt in Math during a video collaboration.. where he was on the streets wearing Photo or Painting? At one point you hear Jake say "This guy claims he used to paint for NASA". So if Jake thinks Math wasn't already suspicious of his ass.. and already using caution around him, he is as dumb as a box of rocks! Now that Jake is losing traction.. he is trying to stay afloat by attacking Math and making shit up, basically trying to claim that Math has stated absolutes.. as far as the basic AE flat earth concepts. Math has never done that, as a matter of fact he is constantly trying to break down the walls, icewalls.. domes, concave ball walls.. and the original edge of the ball itself.. He understands that many will fall victim to the models, not much he can do about that.. thanks to the agents, but Math had the solution all these years.. THE EXPEDITION! BET ON THE MODEL YOU THINK IT WILL BE! That's his vision, it always has been. Math has said within his content that he knows how the sky works, he says HE KNOWS THERE IS MORE LAND, but he also has said he's not going to give out all the details.. to keep the agents and plants guessing.. haha! It's hilarious.. because with each attack they all expose themselves as frauds! They can't back an expedition.. THEY ALL KNOW THIS.. so they will continue to stumble.. especially when they try and accuse Math Powerland of pushing an absolute model.. HAHA! Math has always been the one to say.. we don't know everything until we cross that ice. That's the bottom line!