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Published on Apr 1, 2015

Published on August 24, 2017

(don't know why Youtube posted that)

It is an argument in the form of pitch for a greater campaign to challenge all of science in one converging act of proof . It is also a preface to a film project a challenging pitch to the world of media to entertain the legal accusation that all images of earth shown as educational proofs are misrepresenting themselves as real photos and are a fraud, most notably the real model of the surface humans inhabit the globe. It is a relentless sequence of monologues and demonstrations attesting to this line of thinking . It is as well some very stunning unscripted, shocking and revealing speculation wild verifiable intuition before the event , of where the authorities are planning to take human consciousness, humanity as a whole and the end game of imprisoning it all in a modified sub par intellectual lobotomy. 

It is presented in a case by case audit demonstrations and lecture by the individual Math Powerland to you the viewer woven through some personal moments . Math Powerland is one of the world's unique image fraud authorities and experts on reality fakery. He is an acclaimed professional hyper realist painter designer who sepcializes in organic fractal physics and puddle expansion on flat planes known as floors . He holds a political science degree from St. Francis Xavier university with a specialized knowledge in intel scenario building and public perception. This is an assessment of the word globe, the concept of globalism, it's roots , it's creators , and present day enforcers , its proofs, the psychological simplification and consent by the public of the globe without research and question. the presentation also delves into the common rebuttals the uninformed regular person knee-jerks when coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous it paralyses their ability to scrutinize and their scientific base as a mere cult belief. It also addresses the flurry of flat earth and alternate earth shape disinformation flooding the web, and meme culture camps in it's attempt to bury the true form of the earth math powerland has posited before anyone would even entertain another shape. Most notably it details the importance of the coming flat earth revolution and the real model of your uni -verse , the "multi-veres" where 2 models are in fact in concert simultaneously creating this playing field we call earth. This crust is infinitely expanding between 2 temperature fields. Within it all the The CHIEF operating motive behind the deception of throwing a ball shaped earth at humankind resurfaces through out this presentation as monologues veer on branches stemming back to the main model put forth. Finally closing statements at the closure of part 2 , a final pitch for the greater project and film , "crossing the south pole in a straight line but in a manner never done by any human expedition."