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  I am asking President Trump for his immediate help and for Trey Gowdy to take the position of the Attorney General. If you gentlemen are true patriots for your country, you will do this as we are in a crisis. For years I've tried to tell you the depth of this corruption, and I showed you.

  I've explained how the large law firms have taken control of your courts and how the politicians have been selling the corrupt protection. It ranges from pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, insurance companies, and protection for the drug cartels. What you will see in this video is the completeness of their protection, The Press, The Banking Department, Law Enforcement, and the multiple Murder Attempts and requests against myself and my family.

  This is why we have to act now and should have acted sooner or we will forever live in a darkness far beyond what anyone could imagine as simply a State of Corruption

~Mike Gill

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State of Corruption NH



Press -

1. Who Pays the Bills

2. Media Cover Up (CHANEL 4)

3. What the Media Won’t Tell You

4. Media Cover Up (NBC)

Banking -

5. Grok Talk - (11:56 - 15:12)

6. Follow the Head

7. Little Corrupt

Law Enforcement -

8. President Trump Package Delivered

9. FBI to Mayor Gatsas

10. Evidence to Die for

11. Accountants Lives Matter

12. DEA Evidence Delivery



Murder Attempts -

13. Kill Gill - (4:40 - 6:43)

14. Visit from a Hitman ( entire clip)

15. No Room Service (2:46-4:50)

16. 50 Million Ways to Stop Gill (8:20-end)