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Streamed live on Jan 16, 2018

ERIC DUBAY WAS CREATED SO THE ESTABLISHMENT CAN HAVE AN EASY TAKE DOWN OF FE AS ANTISEMITIC . WE WILL BREAK DOWN All the bad flat earth proofs and comments that staged patsy Eric Dubay has pushed in order to have any expedition across antarctica in the manner proposed by Math Powerland the originator of the real modern Flat earth movement in response to the fake flat earth society .org

after This channel began the war, and how they will use these fake FE proofs to shut down the credibility of this most important moment in our civilisation's history. he is an agent sent in to put any exploration to bed before the big pharmacopic injection for a permanent Euthanised sleep of our consciousness, most likely in exchange to seal a spot in the hidden world beyond the poles as his pay. GET THE QUESTION THAT STARTED THE MODERN FLAT EARTH SCANDAL! And now forcing the rasanasa collusion deceptors to accelerate their demon--oops--aliens made us disclosure. PHOTO OR PAINTING SHIRT WITH A 35 $ DONATION PLUS 5$ SHIPPING IN THE US , OR 15$ OUTSIDE to CANADA AND 22 ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! THEN YOU WILL SPREADA SIMPLE TRUTH VIRUS IN YOUR TOWN SIMPLY BY WALKING . PLS DESCRIBE IN DONATION WHAT YOU ARE DONATING FOR !