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Streamed live on Jan 14, 2018

LATE SHOW - flat earth if you don't like imrpov get out of here . live wire . C scale . GET THE QUESTION THAT STARTED THE MODERN FLAT EARTH SCANDAL! And now forcing the rasanasa collusion deceptors to accelerate their demon--oops--aliens made us disclosure. PHOTO OR PAINTING SHIRT WITH A 35 $ DONATION PLUS 5$ SHIPPING IN THE US , OR 15$ OUTSIDE to CANADA AND 22 ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

THEN YOU WILL SPREADA SIMPLE TRUTH VIRUS IN YOUR TOWN SIMPLY BY WALKING . PLS DESCRIBE IN DONATION WHAT YOU ARE DONATING FOR ! Get the question that started the FLAT EARTH and walk around with this and watch the meltdown. The real meltdown .